We take our customers very seriously at CEW. It is a priority of ours that is as important as providing the finest Products in the market today. Below are important phone numbers, generic links and information needed to contact us.
Head Office
600 boul. De Maisonneuve 
Montréal, Québec H3A3J2 CA
Phone (local): 888-650-2667
Fax (local): 514-221-2114
E-mail: cew-inc@cew-inc.com
Website: www.cew-inc.com
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A: Who is CEW?

CEW is one of the leading Global Chip and Semiconductor Service providers in the world. We have been around in the market for a long period and throughout this time we have developed the basic infrastructure, stuff professionalism, and expertise that tag our success in this industry. We have members and associates all over the Globe and we strive to maximize your benefit and go the extra mile to meet with all you industry specific needs. CEW was built on providing the premier quality chip products and service levels to its clients. CEW has the ability and expertise to offer scalable and reliable solutions, build-to-order chips, business solutions, rapid deployment, professional services and complete multi-manufacturer solutions.

B: How can I make payment and do you accept credit cards?

CEW only deals with pre-qualified OEMs and CEMs; our qualified clients have Open Accounts with net 30 terms. Credit approvals, Credit increases, and net term options, will be granted based on variables that will be requested by our Corporate Credit Department. CEW has implemented a new secure program that allows accepting all types of payments in order to meet all of our clients needs. Maintaining customer satisfaction is priority to CEW.

C: How is CEW Different?

For years, CEW has innovated comprehensive procurement, inventory management, value-added services, and quality control programs. Our experienced traders, global warehousing and logistics network, and proprietary technology solutions are the reason behind our success. CEW differs with its exceptional Customer Service. At CEW, our goal is to strive for excellence, to ensure an outstanding shopping experience for every customer with every order. Excellence in customer service is a mission-critical priority for CEW's Account Executives and Customer Service staff. As we continually work toward this goal, your feedback is an invaluable tool to help us evaluate how we are doing and where we can improve.

D: Can I track my order from your website?

Yes. Once Client accesses the Customer Service page he will be directed to the tracking site and he will have to enter the tracking number and the requested page will pop instantly. If clients incur any problems they can either call their Account Representative or they can reach our 24/7 customer service department and they will assist him promptly.

E. How can I sign up to become a CEW Member?

Signing up with CEW is easy. Either go to the website and click on Sign up and fill in the membership form, or call toll-free 866-873-4303 and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to take your data over the phone.

F. Is membership free, or are there any hidden charges like commissions?

CEW is and will remain a free site for exclusive use by OEMs. There is no membership fee to join, nor a commission charged on top of the sales price quoted to you. The quoted price is the price you pay for parts.

G. Who is eligible as an OEM member?

CEW is very concerned about the quality of our membership and the inventory that is offered on the site. We restrict membership to qualified OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, Franchised Distributors and Chip Manufacturers. In this way you can be assured that you are getting top quality product from a reliable source.

H. Who are the other members of CEW?

CEW has thousands of OEM member companies in 38 countries worldwide. With such a large member base, CEW is the only truly international trading hub for semiconductors. Membership is confidential, so there are no lists of other members.

I. Is my membership really confidential?

All CEW members trade anonymously in order to insure their privacy. No other member will ever see your registration information or see your trading activity of the parts you are buying or selling online. We use the latest 128 Bit encryption technology and double firewalls so that you are assured of complete data integrity. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

J. What are electronics and semiconductor distributors?

Semiconductors and electronic components are the building blocks for computers and high-tech machinery, and are used in a multitude of products from video games and consumer electronics to communication equipment, medical equipment, computers, and automobile systems.

Companies that buy, sell, market, and resell semiconductors, electronic components and computer products on a business-to-business basis are considered distributors. Since the early 1980's, the electronics distribution marketplace has been growing at a phenomenal pace.

How does the semiconductor and electronic component distribution marketplace work? The sale of semiconductors and other electronic products is broken down into three 'tiers.' This system has evolved significantly over the past decade as the result of a complex chain of supply and demand.

The first tier makes up the vast majority of sales. These are sales direct from Manufacturers such as chipmakers AMD, Intel, and Samsung to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) such as Compaq, Dell, and Sony. The OEMs, in turn, use the components to manufacture end-user products such as PCs and televisions.

The second tier is primarily Franchised Distributors who market and distribute semiconductors and electronic products to OEMs on behalf of the Manufacturers.

The third tier consists of all other distribution outlets. Major players at this level are the Independent Distributors, Surplus Resellers, smaller Brokers, and Value-added Resellers. Major customers include OEMs, Contract Manufacturers, and other Distributors.

K. What does an Independent Distributor do?

An Independent Distributor operates on a brokerage business model buying and selling semiconductors, electronic components, and computer products on the 'open-market' much in the same way that other commodities are traded.

A customer places an order and an Independent Distributor sources the product across all sectors of the market, based upon availability and inventory. This means Independent Distributors can provide product quickly, which is particularly advantageous when a customer is trying to reduce inventories or meet production deadlines and does not want to have production go 'line down.'

L. What is the difference between a Franchised and an Independent Distributor?

A Franchised Distributor has formal agreements with component manufacturers to buy and sell specific product lines at set prices with agreed upon lead times. Deliveries must be made on specific dates and, sometimes, within limited geographic regions. Franchised Distributors generally carry more products in stock, but have a limited number of manufacturers and product lines.

An Independent Distributor, on the other hand, does not have formal agreements with any specific manufacturer. This provides flexibility in purchasing from a variety of sources and on a time schedule that the Independent Distributor can control. An Independent Distributor also purchases and resells excess and obsolete inventories from OEMs, EMS providers, and other franchise and independent distributors. Customers typically purchase from both Franchised and Independent Distributors, based upon their particular time and sourcing requirements.

M. What is the difference between an Independent Distributor and a Broker?

Although they may operate on similar business models, Independent Distributors generally stock product, offer their customers credit terms, provide value-added services, honor manufacturers' warranties, provide RMA services, and have strict quality assurance. Brokers usually act only as agents for their customer in return for a fee. Top-level Independent Distributors such as CEW International invest significant resources to expand infrastructure, hire personnel, develop markets, and create value-added services to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers. These investments enable top Independents to grow their businesses with long-term plans and alliances to create a class of 'Super Independents.' CEW is one of the most established and successful of the Super Independents.

N. What currencies does CEW transact business in?

CEW International typically transacts business in US dollars, but for our European customers we also do business in Euros.

O. What lead times can I expect when I purchase from CEW?

CEW focuses on getting the right parts to our customers when they need them. Although lead times for individual parts vary, CEW's dedicated shipping department and logistics experts will meet your delivery targets. We have a saying at CEW that originated in the Smith shipping department, 'The only thing we can't do is get it there yesterday... but we're working on it!'

P. How experienced are your sales and buying teams?

Our representatives are the best in the industry. CEW's rigorous training program includes both classroom and on-the-job training. The program is tailored to fit each new representative's abilities and experience and guarantees that they are fully prepared to meet the dynamic needs of our top tier customers.

How can I be assured that I will receive quality parts from CEW? CEW has a dedicated Quality Department who conducts visual and functionality tests all incoming components based on Mil-Spec sampling. Over the last three years, CEW's returns have totaled less than 0.5% of total sales.

Q. What sets CEW apart from the competition?

CEW's market expertise, financial stability, commitment to quality, and global footprint are unparalleled among electronic distributors. CEW's suite of customizable service offerings are designed to assist manufacturers with procurement, and help streamline each part's integration into the production line. Years of experience in the industry have shown CEW the value of discretion in every aspect of business, from customer and vendor confidentiality to product packaging. Through years in business, CEW has established relationships with suppliers and customers around the world, and these are at the core of a global network of manufacturer and distributor business partners. These relationships give CEW the ability to find the parts customers need when they need them. This level of market involvement gives CEW the insight to stay ahead of a rapidly changing industry. Many business partners deal with CEW on an exclusive basis. This allows CEW access to product offers and requirements that other distributors don't receive. As a privately held company with a strong financial position, CEW has the agility to respond quickly with customized solutions to meet customers' needs. CEW has developed operational infrastructures that provide significant advantages to the core business of open-market electronics distribution. CEW also has the logistical knowledge to quickly move large amounts of product around the globe.

R. Can I buy shares of CEW?

No, CEW is a privately held company.

S. Does CEW ship overseas?

Yes. CEW has offices all over the world to better serve our international customers. This includes major logistics hubs in Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

T. How does CEW handle different countries' customs laws?

Your purchase may be subject to import duties, taxes, and/or fees, which are levied once the package reaches its destination. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the purchaser. CEW has no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country. Please contact your local customs office for detailed information. Additionally, when ordering from CEW, you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.

U. How fast can you get my shipment to me?

It depends. If the product you ordered is in stock in our Montreal facility and your company is in USA, it could be in a matter of hours. In most situations, the product location, buyer's location, the time of day, and day of the week can affect the actual delivery date.

CEW is committed to the fastest possible delivery. CEW offers QA-approved drop shipping and freight forwarding services around the globe. Plus, we have an entire department dedicated to import, export and freight services.

V. Can I submit a requirement on CEW?

Yes. Click Submit Requirement on the CEW Web home page and complete the form. A CEW Sales Representative will respond immediately with a quote.

W. Can I place an order on CEW?

Currently CEW Web is set up to receive requirements only. To place an order, visit our locations page to find a CEW office near you, or call 866-873-4303.

X. Can I submit an RMA request on CEW?

Not at this time. But instructions on how to initiate the return process can be found on the CEW Return Procedures page.

Y. How can I get a CEW login?

For all consignment customers, please use the website features www.cew-ca.com or request a login through your account representative.

Z. Can I access my account information on CEW?

Currently, CEW consignment partners can access their consigned inventory through CEW.

AA. Who can I contact if I have problems with CEW or CEW?

Contact the CEWWeb Webmaster at cew@cew-ca.com .

AB. Are you a franchised distributor?

CEW, Inc. is an independent stocking distributor. We stock millions of board-level components including hard-to-find, highly-allocated, and obsolete, as well as commonly available parts.

AC. What if the parts I need are not in your inventory?

CEW, Inc. is an independent stocking distributor. We stock millions of board-level components including hard-to-find, highly-allocated, and obsolete, as well as commonly available parts.

AD. What is your minimum order?

CEW has a $400 minimum for orders of in-stock product.

AE. How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is based on a number of factors including weight, distance and location; therefore it varies from order to order.

AF. How soon can you deliver?

Orders placed by 3:30 PST for in-stock product are shipped the same day. Orders placed for product that we procure from our vendor partnerships are subject to slightly longer lead times.